Five tips for a better photography website

It takes more than high-resolution images to make a photography website successful. There are so many factors you need to consider and things you need to do to make your photography website better and successful.

Below are five tips that would make your photography website stand out among other websites.

  1. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Most customers use their mobile phones to browse for photography sites. So if your website is not mobile friendly, you have lost lots of traffic. Research shows that most amount of traffic comes from mobile instead of a desktop. So a make sure your site is fully responsive.

  1. Less is more. Most people think that using a highly bogus or outdated theme would make their website look catchy and fun. But on the contrary, it makes you look archaic and too flashy. You don’t want your clients to think of you as outdated or too flashy. For your customers to think of you as a professional, use a theme that is beautiful, yet not too bogus or obsolete.
  1. Blog regularly. If you are too lazy to blog regularly, then don’t start blogging at all. Blogging once in a while would make you look scattered and lazy. Blogging often will drive lots of traffic to your website which is very beneficial to you. Post content that goes in line with what you are doing (photography). For example, you can post content on what to wear, the benefits of taking photos, how to create a family album and so much more.
  1. Have a beautiful store front. Your website store front window is one of the first things a person sees when he/she visits your site. Your storefront window should share an incredible story with your clients. What do you want your customer’s experience on your site to be? How do you want them to be? Use your answers to these inquiries to create a magnificent storefront.
  1. Make sure your contact information is on your site. Many customers will leave your site for another if your contact details are confusing or null. If you don’t update your contact information, you are losing lots of customers. It takes nothing to include your email address, phone number and contact form on your site. Always include your contact information in every page on your website.

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